About Us

Saydaş Plastik Metal Geri Dönüşüm NAK. İNŞ. SAN. ve TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. Established its first facility in Tuzla Deri OSB in 1978. Due to the increasing need of the sector, a new investment decision was taken in 2016, and thus the brand continues its activities with 2 facilities established on an area of 4.000 m2 in Marmara Recycling Industrial Site.

Saydaş Plastik, which is one of the exemplary companies in the recycling sector in Turkey is developing its service quality on the journey it started with the slogan “New Life for Old Packages” thanks to its ever-increasing vehicle fleet, its activities parallel to technology, R&D studies, product diversity, and expert staff.

It serves more than 400 institutions and organizations with Packaging Waste Recycling, Tanker Cleaning, Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Recycling, Non-Hazardous Waste Collection and Separation licenses it obtained by approval of Turkish Republic Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Saydaş Plastic also adds added value to the Turkish economy thanks to its role in transforming wastes that can be recycled as a secondary raw material through various physical and/or chemical processes and in reintroducing them into the production process.

Thanks to the quality services it has provided as one of the pioneers of the sector, Saydaş Plastik produces approximately 14.000 tons/year PE, 1.000 tons/year HDPE, 750 tons/year PP granule secondary raw materials from waste scraps in its facilities where recycling activities take place. With recycling of approximately 16.000 tons of waste in total, the brand offers raw material alternative for sectors such as:

  • Plastic Packaging Industry
  • Plastic Pipe İndustry (PE80-PE100-Corrugated-Drip & Irrigation-Coil etc.)
  • Plate
  • Plastic product industry (garden fence, street lamp…etc.).

By recycling 36.000 units/year IBC Tank, 25.000 units/year plastic packages of various sizes and 2500 tons/year metal packages, it offers packaging alternatives to the following sectors:

  • Chemistry
  • Leather
  • Paint… etc.

Saydaş Plastik contributes to the replacement of disposable packaging with reusable packaging. By reducing the use of plastic, it saves energy, uses resources more economically and prevents environmental pollution.

While 97% of the contaminated waste received in our facilities is recycled and reused, 3% is used as fuel in our country’s power plants as a result of disposal processes.

Our Mission

To lead our sector with innovative applications and to meet the recycling need of the country by preserving the value of the best quality product and increasing the product quality that we have produced according to today’s conditions.

Our Vision

To gain a preferable and reliable structure in European countries, especially in our country with our activities, as a pioneering company whose performance is admired in the recycling sector and which respects the values of environment and life.

Our Values

It acts as a company that respects people, is sensitive to the environment, is honest, transparent and ethical, creative and innovative, customer-oriented, supporting the development of its employees, valuing teamwork, and is aware of its responsibilities in terms of quality and occupational safety.