Recycling is turning recyclable wastes into secondary raw materials by various physical or chemical processes and including them in the production period.

Why is Recycling Important?

– Contributes to the national economy,

– Protects our natural resources,

– Protects our energy resources,

– The amount of waste is reduced.

You can consciously protect nature. Before the sources of nature runs out; there are many ways to be environmentally friendly and you can save the world from destruction by using recyclables. As Saydaş Plastic, our motto for recycling is “Recycling is resurrection”.

Harms of Waste Materials to Nature?

The problem of environmental pollution has emerged in the form of a series of problems in the last century. We are faced to great waste problems arising due to the effects of unplanned urbanization and excessive industrialization around the world. Scrap plastic wastes disappear in nature in at least 1000 years. What’s more, plastic waste is one of the most damaging wastes to the environment. In this case, plastic recycling is very important for the protection of a livable world and ecosystem.

Environmental Impacts of Waste?

– Fires and explosions

– Global warming

– Air pollution

– Damage to vegetation

– Groundwater pollution

– Undesirable Odors

Recyclable materials can be listed as plastic, scrap plastic, paper, aluminum, glass, barrels, IBC, batteries, engine oil, concrete, contaminated, organic wastes, electronic wastes and accumulators.