Packaging Waste Recycling

Having entered into force by being published with the number 30283 on R.G. 27.12.2017;

The Purpose of the Regulation on Packaging Waste Control is;

To produce packages based on certain environmental criteria, bearing basic conditions and features,

To prevent the formation of packaging wastes, to reduce the amount of unavoidable packaging wastes to be disposed of by using any of the reuse, recycling and recovery methods, to prevent the packaging wastes being released directly or indirectly to the receiving environment in a way that would harm the environment,

To determine the principles, policies and programs as well as legal, administrative and technical principles for the establishment of technical and administrative standards regarding the separate accumulation, collection, transportation, separation and recycling of packaging wastes at the source within a certain management system.

Responsibilities of a Packaging Waste Producer

To prefer packaging suitable for reuse during packaging of products,

To use the easiest and most economical packaging that will generate the least waste after the use of the product.

Industrial enterprises that collect packaging wastes separately according to their types at the source in a way that does not cause environmental pollution, and packaging waste producers in places where a collection system is not established and collection equipment cannot be provided, may deliver their packaging waste to environmental licensed packaging waste processing facilities.

Packaging waste producers which remain outside the management system of municipalities separate and collect the packaging wastes generated as a result of consumption s in a way that will not cause environmental pollution, and deliver them to environmentally licensed packaging waste processing facilities.

Saydaş Plastic Waste Processing Process

It is a recycling facility where packaging wastes are processed into products, materials or substances in line with their original use or other purposes.

Based on the obligations imposed on waste treatment facilities by the Waste Management Regulation; packaging wastes collected from waste producers,

are separated and stored in Saydaş Plastic facilities, which have a concrete floor in the activity area, where the areas except completely closed areas are surrounded by permanent building materials to ensure the safety of the facility, which has a scale program that allows remote access by internet connection, and a camera system that allows remote access to the facility.

The wastes are subjected to the washing process after proper storage. It is ensured that the waste water collected by passing through the collection channels and grid system created for the waste water formed after the washing process, is disposed of in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation.

There is a data recording system in which the information about the products/materials received, recycled and obtained at the Saydaş Plastic facility are recorded.

Saydaş Plastic is an exemplary facility that enters the materials entering and exiting its facility, as well as the other places where they are received and delivered, into the packaging information system, and fulfills all legislative requirements.

After the washing process, the packaging wastes received in Saydaş Plastic facilities are crushed and converted into burrs. When the plastic burrs turn into granular raw material, the recycling process is completed.

The granular raw material we produce is considered as an alternative in many sectors.

With the recycling of packaging waste;

Energy is saved.

Contribution is made to the Turkish economy.

We also reduce the need for raw materials in new products by reducing the amount of waste.

We take a role in the process of protecting our natural resources.

We aim to offer a cleaner world to future generations.