Hazardous goods should be placed in high quality packages, including IBCs and large packages that are strong enough to withstand the impacts and loads that will normally be experienced during transportation, including transfer between transport units and separation from the pallet or packaging to be carried out manually or by mechanical means between the transport units and warehouses. While IBC Tanks are highly resistant to chemical substances, they do not interact with any acidic or basic substances as well.

For this reason, IBC Tanks are the most preferred packaging in many liquid transportation processes. The fact that there are Re-bottle IBC Tanks that can replace the brand-new IBC Tanks economically makes this situation more advantageous.

In Re-bottled IBC Tank, the plastic bottles in the inner part of the container are newly produced, and the pallet and cage system on the outside consists of renewed products. It offers an economical alternative for the storage of its products since its interior plastic parts are new (new), cage and pallet systems are used. While it provides the same storage and transportation facilities as IBC Tanks that have never been used before, it is more economical because the cage section is second-hand (recycled, used).

Environmentally friendly IBCs are suitable for recyclable use many times. Wooden, Metal, Plastic pallets are optional. While the Re-Bottled IBC tank is highly resistant to chemicals, it does not interact with any acidic or basic substances as well. For this reason, it is rapidly progressing to become one of the most preferred transportation methods for the transportation of chemicals. IBC is manufactured from high molecular, high density polyethylene stabilized against ultraviolet rays. It is rust and corrosion resistant, and safe to use. The steel cage, produced by electronic welding from 360 separate points on the body and its surroundings, provides strong strength and durability.

IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) is the container used for the storage and transportation of liquid and hard materials. The IBC Tank is stainless and has a very high storage capacity. The most preferred types of IBC Tanks are; steel pallet, wooden pallet and plastic pallet. The IBC Tank used in many sectors such as chemicals, textiles, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. is especially preferred for the transportation of raw materials. Furthermore, although the inner plastic parts are new, these IBCs are not suitable for the storage of food products due to the use of cage and pallet systems.

Today, commercial organizations have turned to the second-hand in IBC Tank with the logic of managing their costs correctly in every aspect. Therefore, thanks to the special system (washing-drying-pressure tests) established in our facility, we serve as Saydaş Plastik in products whose outer cage has been cleaned.

Areas of Use

  • Liquid, powdered products
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Hazardous material or mass chemicals including hazardous materials
  • Raw materials used in industrial production
  • Rainwater when used for rainwater harvesting
  • Paints, Inks
  • Petrochemical
  • Oil storage