Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Occupational health and safety, ‘OHS’ laws, regulations and communiqués are the whole bunch of examinations and practices aimed at ensuring the protection of employees. The set of measures to be taken to create a safe working environment in order to prevent workers from experiencing occupational accidents is called “Occupational Safety”.

Occupational accidents occurring in work life constitute one of the most important problematic areas of work life on a global scale.

On the other hand, many regulations have been made from up to now, especially at technical and legal level, in order to prevent or at least minimize occupational accidents.

However, when we check out the occupational accidents that have occurred, these regulations prove not to be enough. This is indicative that it is not sufficient to address the problem only at the technical or legal level, and that the “human” factor in work life is at least as important as other factors. One of the concepts that is emphasized at this point is safety culture.

A safety culture expresses a high value (priority) placed on employee safety, embraced by everyone at every level and group in the workplace.

Saydaş Plastic considers human as its most valuable asset before all of its activities,

Saydaş Plastic adopts minimizing all kinds of losses that may occur and improving it continuously by creating a safer and healthier working environment as its primary business goal.

Working safely is a prerequisite for working within Saydaş Plastic.

Occupational Health and Safety is as much of a priority as service provided for Saydaş Plastic. Our goal is to create an accident-free work environment by putting forth the Occupational Health and Safety measures that are applicable, consistent and in accordance with all legal regulations and related conditions.

All of our employees are made aware of Occupational Health and Safety. All employees are their own and each other’s auditors regarding the implementation of the decisions taken. Hence, a safety culture is aimed to be created.

Not only the employees, but also the managers and visitors in the working environment are responsible for all work on Occupational Health and Safety, taking and complying with the precautions, and everyone acts upon this awareness.

The management of Saydaş Plastic provides all necessary equipment and appliance to carry out the work related to Occupational Health and Safety, and supports these studies with trainings.

Saydaş Plastic gives all the necessary occupational safety trainings, complying with the articles and annexes specified in the legislation on occupational health and safety to its employees on a regular basis.

It investigates the ways to minimize the frequency of accidents,

During recruitment, workers undergo a health examination and are placed in jobs that are suitable for them.

Saydaş Plastic adopts a preventive approach, not a rule-based one.

Drills and trainings on how to cooperate in natural disasters or collective events are carried out frequently.

Saydaş Plastic keeps determined to adopt Occupational Health and Safety by intensifying its efforts in this field.

In this vein, we are determined to improve and develop the Occupational Health and Safety system we have established.

Occupational Health and Safety is our joint responsibility.