Hazardous Waste Recycling

It covers the recycling process of the wastes that comply with the Regulation on Packaging Wastes Containing Residues of Hazardous Substances or Contaminated with Hazardous Substances under Code 150110.

As Saydaş Plastic company, We aim to recover the contaminated packaging wastes with the code of 15 01 10, especially the IBC Tank, sheet metal drum, plastic drum, tin, bucket etc. wastes to the last point through our comprehensive processes.

The transportation process of the contaminated packaging wastes, which are formed in large quantities in the sectors, such as Paint, Chemistry, Cosmetics, Petroleum, Agriculture and Food, Textile and Raw Materials, Leather and Leather Products, Energy, Packaging, Iron and Steel, Metal, Mining, Auto Main and Sub-Industry, Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy etc. is definitely carried out by vehicles with ADR. As Saydaş Plastic, all of our vehicles have ADR and License certificates.

As Saydaş Plastic, there is an Environmental Engineer, who is an expert in his field and deals with each of our suppliers.

Companies that detect that their wastes have accumulated are included in the vehicle programs to be made as soon as possible, based on the meetings they will hold with their representatives.

During the planning period, the vehicles are kept readily available at the facilities of the companies where waste collection will be made.

The wastes that are prepared for recycling are loaded into the vehicle by our driver and assistant personnel.

After loading, transactions are made with the Transportation Request opened via the Waste Management Application (TABS / MoTAT / KDS) included in the Integrated Environmental Information System (ECIS).

Wastes brought to Saydaş Plastic’s waste processing facilities are uploaded to the waste site with appropriate methods.

IBC Tanks, steel barrels, plastic barrels, tin and bucket wastes are separated and stored.


Even if the renewal, washing and maintenance process is carried out, the wastes that are not suitable for use are turned into plastic and/or metal burrs after washing and crushing processes.

Deburred plastic waste is used to produce granules (PE raw material, recycled raw material, second hand raw material).

Produced granules are put to good use as an alternative to the original raw material in sectors such as:

– Plastic Packaging industry

– Plastic pipe industry (PE80-PE100-Corrugated-Drip & Irrigation-Coil etc.)

– Toy

– Plate.

IBC Tank, Plastic Jerrycan

Packages that can be used after renewal, washing, maintenance and repair processes are made ready for reuse and offered for sale.

Refurbished Packaging can be used in many sectors including:



-Aqueous systems etc. However, the food industry is excluded.

  • It contributes to the protection of the environment.
  • It ensures less natural substance consumption.
  • Resources are used more economically.
  • It offers economic benefits to those who collect recycling waste.
  • A separate economic value is produced with recycling materials.
  • Environmental pollution is reduced.
  • It prevents wastes that will harm human health.
  • Energy efficiency increases.
  • It helps to create a strong economy due to its contribution to the economy.
  • It helps to create business opportunities by creating a separate sector.